MIKE PFAFF stars as "Abel" in the thriller/dark comedy feature LET IT BLEED. 

MIKE PFAFF appears as series regular Agent O'Neill on the web-series CARIBE ROAD. He accepted the best drama web series award at The Imagen Awards on behalf of Helu Films and Caribe Road, at The Beverly Hilton in August. The announcement was made in Variety The Imagen Awards ceremony aired September 21st on PBS.

MIKE PFAFF is nominated at the ACTION ON FILM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for his role as "Michael Fitzpatrick" in the action feature LAZARUS RISING.  The film, about a hitman who falls in love with a mark and risks everything to save her, stars screen legends such as ERIC ROBERTS and C THOMAS HOWELL, in addition to TV names such as ADONI MAROPIS (24), LENNY CLARKE (Rescue Me) and CEDRIC STEWART (Banshee).  Embracing the deeply conflicted character in addition to the stunt and fight choreography gave Mike the opportunity to shine brighter than ever. 

Comedy is one of the most popular entertainment genres and short comedic films are especially popular on the internet. In December 2015, actor Mike Pfaff just released his first short narrative in what he hopes to be a long running series called “Pfaff Laugh.” The series will produce a video around most major holidays and features action-star Mike conducting at least one stunt. [The first offering in the "Pfaff Laugh" series is called "Crack Cane."]
Photo credits courtesy of Mike Pfaff, used with permission. 
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[Mike Pfaff is the mind behind the "Pfaff Laugh" series.


Mike Pfaff is living his dream. An actor who has appeared in several television shows and many films, Mike was recently nominated for a “Best Breakout Action Star” award at the Action On Film Festival for the lead role he played in the film “Lazarus Rising,” which won “Best Picture.”

Mike grew up in the blue-collar working class area of Hackensack, New Jersey, which taught him the values of hard work, courage and toughness. He earned a NCAA Division 1 Track Scholarship to attend Penn State University, where he graduated as captain of the team and went on to be a teacher at South Boston High School while earning his Masters. At the same time, Mike always had a passion for and pursued acting until finally, with the encouragement of his students, decided to move to Hollywood to chase his dream... and he hasn't looked back.